Monday, 7 May 2012

How POWERFUL can a typeface be to communicate more than words?

I have been looking at some typeface examples on the internet, but I wanted to find a basic example to explore the power of typefaces to communicate more than words.

The image below, shows a single large and bold word that is set in lowercase and closely kerned. The typeface has been positioned to look loud and dominant with a message that suggests confidence or a friendly greeting. This greeting would be recognized as enthusiastic, that the person is pleased to see you.

However, the second image brings forward a completely different contrast. Exactly the same text has been used as a greeting. But the color, scale, font, case and positioning have all changed and further suggest a less enthusiastic greeting, more hesitant. The person greeting here is most definitely not ackknowledging you and are more inclined to ignore

I have given the most basic of examples above but it shows a solid understanding of the power of typefaces and how changes can influence heavily on the message or the language. I guess typefaces are going to be much more advanced than i first though, I am very interested in Typography and see it as a passion. Both of these examples show that there is an infinite range of typographic alternatives that can achieve subtle or dramatic changes in volume, tone of voice, gender and age groups. I look forward to exploring them.

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