Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Moving Type - In colour (1B)

Grade - 62

For this project we had to produce a minimum of ten 12x18cm final pieces using no more than six letterforms, like my previous project but with the freedom to add colour and motion. We were asked to design storyboards of 10 seconds long that consist of the moving image in colour that we will later be creating digitally using Adobe After Effects (see future post). We must use the letterforms (actors) and the subject of our film must be of a creative response and treatment to given subjects such as Calm to Stormy, Day to Night and Strong to Weak, which must all be portrayed using colour and motion effectively giving their characteristics. Look at my pieces below that show my initial storyboarding ideas and the final outcome which I will be later developing into a digital format.

One of my triumphs for this brief were that I started off quickly, brainstorming ideas down as fast as I could which proved to be helpful as more and more ideas kept coming. I found this way of working successful. My mistakes were that I did not experiment with enough colour media which limited my potential.

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