Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Use of colour as a tool of communication

I have been asked to choose two designers or illustrators and explore their use of colour as a tool of communication. Given that I appreciate and share a design love for Abram Games I will use one of his that I believe is his personal best.

I feel that he has used colour greatly in this piece. He has clearly and objectively stated 'your own' to be an important part of the poster, making it a cheerful selection, suggesting that this should be done positively with a touch of fun. Adding the white fading colours into the blue sky makes the main image more noticeable and also gains attention straight away. Most of the other colours suggest basic understanding of the necessary colours that are needed for the objects and nothing looks out of place. I love the way he has identified the grass and the sea, he has done this beautifully.

I love the use of colour used in this piece by Brad Holland, it shows beautiful understanding of shadow, highlights and maybe realism? I also love the mysterious looking sky that are touched with drops of purple to give it that kick. I just love it, not as an Illustrator, but as a Graphic Designer.

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